3 Things You Should Know About SnapChat According to an Expert

March 21, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

At a glance, Snapchat may seem indecipherable, but give it some time, do a little research, and find a friend who’s already collected a few major trophies, and you will see that there isn’t a whole lot to it. To get started, there are three unwritten rules that you always need to remember.

  1. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself in your story. This will make your viewers feel like they are viewing a running narrative. Think of one of the most successful Snapchat users of all: DJ Khaled. He’s known for repeating phrases like “Major key” and “You played yourself.” Come up with your own recurring phrases or themes!
  2. Use the filters. If you are away from your main location, say on a vacation in Miami or at a conference in New York, use the geographical filters that Snapchat offers. Check daily for promotional and holiday filters too.
  3. Be creative. This is a general rule, but anytime you are about to do a face swap or make a “Snapsterpiece” with some colored pens, keep it in mind.

Once you get the hang of Snapchat, everything will become second-nature. The emojis, the QR codes, the streak icons: they will soon feel as nature as the “like” button on Facebook and the “retweet” button on Twitter.