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5 Pinterest Tips for Retailers During the Holiday Season

November 9, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

If your business has yet to jump on the proverbial Pinterest train, let us offer this study – Millward Brown analyzed survey responses from more than 2,000 people, and of those who have actively used Pinterest in the past 6 months: 96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information, 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases, 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest. What does this data mean for your business? Pinterest users are buyers! Plus, using Pinterest is an easy, streamlined process that allows you to quickly promote your products using an attractive graphic, quick description and the site will linkback to your listing for you (if you list the pin via URL). Make the most of this coming holiday season by putting to use these 5 Pinterest tips.


  1. Utilize your descriptions.

Upload your product’s image and then use the description area to provide key selling information – price, dimensions, etc. Also, issue a call to action, such as ‘Click here to buy this now!’ or ‘Click to see more gift ideas.’ These call to actions go a long way with consumers, consider it the ‘power of persuasion.’


  1. Cater boards to ‘gift ideas.’

By creating boards that are labelled “The Perfect Gift for Mom” or “Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything”. People will be shopping for gifts, and when you have boards that are already curated, it makes shopping easy on the gift buyer who may not have time to sift through thousands of listings to try and find the perfect gift.


  1. Consider using Promoted and Buyable Pins.

These are available for Pinterest Business accounts and act as paid forms of advertising. Promoted pins show up more often in the search results of Pinterest users, therefore making your pins more likely to be seen. Buyable Pins add a big blue ‘Buy It’ button to your pin and allow mobile users to purchase your listing without ever leaving the Pinterest app, which may appeal to many users who want easy, quick holiday shopping.


  1. Offer Coupon Codes or Advertise Promotions.

Create an attractive graphic to use and pin the heck out of it! Holiday shoppers love scoring a good deal and will be more apt to pick up more than one item from your store if they know they are getting a discount.


  1. Consider bringing on professionals.

The holiday season can be a great launching pad at spurring sales and making contact with customers who will return after the holiday season is over. Using a social media expert, like 99social, will save you up to 35 hours a month during the hectic holiday season, allowing you to focus on producing more inventory and fulfilling orders. You’ll have a custom made social media marketing plan that caters to your business’s needs and a monthly progress report that shows you exactly how well that plan was executed. Score a deal of your own, work with 99social this season.