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5 Ways to Engage Your Audience on Instagram

February 29, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

You have a unique, creative mind, and you have an Instagram account? You’re all set to become a star. Before you go posting the first thing that pops into your head, however, take a moment to think about the effect that your post is going to have on your audience. Think about the power of each interaction. Stuck? Try one of these five ways to engage your audience.

  1. Stay on message. Your audience is coming to you for a reason. Know what that reason is and then deliver on it.
  2. Collaborate with a similar user. This way, you and the other user can feed off of each other’s momentum and share your audiences.
  3. Tell them something they don’t know. It could be an online deal, a life tip, anything at all. Give people a piece of information that they’ll find useful.
  4. Make it about them. You may be interesting, but you will never be as interesting as I am to myself. That’s true of everyone. People want to hear about themselves in one way or another.
  5. Never be boring. This is the simplest of the five rules, and it’s the one you should always be following. On Instagram, being boring is the cardinal sin. Don’t do it.

Using these five methods, you can both build and maintain your audience: reel them in and then keep them wanting more. If you engage them, they will come. Do you need help setting up and managing your Instagram account? Give 99Social a shout today for more info on how we can help your business to become an Instagram Rockstar