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5 Ways to Ramp up your Social Media Efforts in 2016

January 18, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

Finding a social media strategy that works for your business is wonderful! However, sticking to your same old tricks could leave your business growth stagnant and your followers disengaged. Now that it is a new year, it is time to look over your marketing techniques and revamp your strategy moving forward. We’ve gathered up some easy ways to change up your efforts and really help revive your growth.

Get involved in your community

With so much competition, it’s easy to become a faceless entity in the social media world. Set yourself apart by reaching out to a local charity or school and unite in a single fundraising effort. Your customers will enjoy and become more personally invested in your brand knowing that there is more to your business than looking to turn a profit. Feature this across your social media channels with a custom hashtag and ask your followers to help embrace your efforts by reposting/sharing this content and tagging your accounts.

Breathe life into old content

Have you had a post that went viral or really attracted great user engagement? Update this content to be relevant to present day and re-share this across your social media channels to help revive this tried and true content. Try and identify what about that particular content is drawing more attention and implement that in your future efforts.

Make a splash with great graphics

While great sales copy can really help boost conversion rates, how can you get people to read the text to begin with? Create attractive, quality graphics with your brand and beautiful images to snag a potential customer’s attention and they’ll look to your text for more info.

Monitor trending topics

Keep an eye out for trending hashtags and topics within your industry and get involved in the conversation. This will help promote your brand in front of an audience that you already know is interested in your business and shows off the fact that you’re interactive and on-top of trending topics.

Still images aren’t enough

With SnapChat and Periscope taking off, users are craving more video content from the businesses they follow. Videos demonstrate an almost interactive experience, as well as communicate far more information than a still image could. Behind-the-scenes looks of your business are sure to go over well, as this gives your followers a more personal look into your brand and the people behind the logo.

Keeping up with all the latest trends and social media marketing techniques can consume more time than you have available as a small business owner. While implementing these techniques can help breathe life into your social media channels, unless you have someone actively managing your online presence and consistently producing quality content, your efforts will be in vain. Your clients require a company to be interactive and present online. Leaving your platforms to sit without any activity will leave your growth and sales stagnant. If you don’t have the time and expertise, work with social media experts, like 99Social, who can create and execute an innovative marketing strategy that will be sure to set your business ahead of your competitors. For only $99 a month and no pesky contracts, you’d be silly not to.