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facebook video vs youtube video ads
YouTube has been known as the champion of video content sharing and marketing, but is that title soon to be stripped of them? Facebook is moving up as a true contender battling YouTube head on for valuable video marketing space, and the truth is, they are winning. Creating video content that represe ...
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Social Media

How Social Media is Taking Over Your Office

Long ago are the days where the words ‘social media’ are the equivalent to ‘time waster’ when it comes to today’s office. Many traditional ways to communicate within an office – memo, email, and conference calls – are too slow for what your company actually needs. In fact, settling on ...
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Social Media Changes
Take a minute out of your daily routine to look around – how many people around you are on their phones? We need to be in constant communication and have the latest updates from those we care about. However, it doesn’t stop there. Customers want that same experience from businesses and services ...
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Tips on Social Media for Small Businesses

Trying to build your brand on social media but not gaining much traction? We’ve compiled a list of tips that will be sure to get you noticed and make you more effective in your time spent on social media.Compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing is cheap and provides you a direct a ...
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Social Media Services
When growing a small business, your time is absolutely precious. Establishing your business’s presence on social media platforms is necessary – with over 1.6 billion users active, you cannot afford to miss the chance to interact with such a large pool of potential customers. Nurturing these acco ...
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