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Facebook Video vs YouTube Video: Which is Right for You?

October 26, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

YouTube has been known as the champion of video content sharing and marketing, but is that title soon to be stripped of them? Facebook is moving up as a true contender battling YouTube head on for valuable video marketing space, and the truth is, they are winning. Creating video content that represents your brand or product can be crucial in spreading awareness of a new product of movement in your branding. Being able to present that video in front of your desired targeted audience is even more important. The next time you have video content to share, where you will you share it – YouTube or Facebook? We’ll help you decide.


YouTube is considered to be the number two search engine in the world. Once your video is uploaded, there is not much that YouTube will do to advertise your video for you – your video is submitted into a sea of video content awaiting users to search for keywords similar to yours. If a user views a similar video to yours, there is a chance that yours may be selected to be placed in the right tool bar of ‘related videos.’ This option is viable if you know that your prospective customers are actively seeking out your product or a solution for which your product provides. You are essentially putting the bait, your video content, out there and waiting for your customer to seek it out themselves.


Facebook curates its users video content for them by placing this within their news feed. This means that your video is being placed in front of customers without them actively seeking it out – it arrives on their feed as a ‘suggested post’ and is done so through some targeting. You can further this effort by ‘boosting’ or ‘promoting’ your post for as little as $1 a day, and you can specify your exact target audience. Facebook also rules in the arena of user interaction. Facebook, by its very nature, lends more to an interactive social network, where users are more engaged and inclined to comment on and share posts.


You could always upload your video to both platforms to extend your maximum reach, but depending on your video content sharing goals, each platform could present an edge over its competitor. YouTube is excellent for Search Engine Optimization and driving views, but Facebook excels in starting a conversation and getting your audience involved in your product or service. It can be difficult to manage and track interaction on both platforms and remain engaged and interactive – enlist the help of professionals that can professionally curate a marketing campaign to your every need for as little as $99 a month – 99Social. With monthly progress reports, you’ll be able to see the success of every campaign, and no contracts means no commitments.