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How Social Media Changes the Game for Business

October 9, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

Take a minute out of your daily routine to look around – how many people around you are on their phones? We need to be in constant communication and have the latest updates from those we care about. However, it doesn’t stop there. Customers want that same experience from businesses and services that they utilize within their life – social media delivers that. Still wondering how social media can help your business? We’ll break it down for you.


Social media creates a two-way conversation.

Traditional websites might feature a blank contact form or customer service number that customers can reach you through, but for more customers that’s more of a burden than it’s worth. These customers could be unsatisfied with their experience and instead of having a chance to win them back, you’ve lost their patronage and you never even knew it.

Having an active social media presence let’s customers know that you’re attainable – you’re easily reached. If they have any questions, they can quickly post or tweet to you and have a response. They can also share positive experiences they have, which can then be viewed by any prospective clients that visit your page. People want to know that they are being heard, social media allows you to that opportunity.


Social media allows you to demonstrate your worth.

            Social media isn’t just for blasting your customers with marketing fliers and promotions. Share high-quality content on a consistent basis that is valuable to your clients and target audience. This will help build your following and your credibility – making people more receptive to purchasing your products or services.


Social media can support your off-line marketing efforts.

            Whether you’re in the middle of rebranding or getting ready to launch a new product, social media is an incredible tool to reach a massive audience instantly. Your social media strategy can work in-step with any other marketing campaigns you currently have in place and can dramatically increase it’s success by increasing exposure and reaching a wider, broader audience or if desired, a more targeted niche.


Maintaining an active social media presence that is growing awareness about your company and brand can be a full-time job. It doesn’t have to be. Hire on professionals that can tailor a social media strategy specifically to the goals you have for your business. 99Social can manage your social media from start to finish – no matter the size of your company. For just $99 a month, you’ll have fresh, relevant content posted to your social media accounts, social profile optimization to maximize your visibility, and provide monthly progress reports.  Don’t wait any longer to get involved in social media marketing.