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How Social Media is Taking Over Your Office

October 17, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

Long ago are the days where the words ‘social media’ are the equivalent to ‘time waster’ when it comes to today’s office. Many traditional ways to communicate within an office – memo, email, and conference calls – are too slow for what your company actually needs. In fact, settling on the idea that they are your sole way of communication within the office may be halting productivity and progress on office projects. By utilizing a social network, you can ramp up productivity and improve communications between departments.

Within an office, people are working on numerous projects at different times than their team members may be. Unless they are working in close proximity, your team will be kept in the dark about the progress that team members are making and if there are issues, there could be a delay in communication, and could halt progress while you wait for someone to sort through their email inbox. You could always try and schedule a meeting where all team members can be present – oh wait, that could end up being put off for days, while you try and scope out a day and time that everyone has available.

If there is a social network in place, communication is instantaneous. Quick questions become just that – quick. Answers can be given back in the same timely manner and progress can begin again. Within social media platforms, you can create teams and invite collaborators from different departments, so you can brainstorm and problem solve from within your own office, saving you money on pricey outside consultants and encouraging your employees to work together as a team.

Social media encourages people to be social. It may sound silly, but that can have a huge effect on your workforce. Communication can falter when people don’t feel comfortable about expressing their ideas with other employees that they have never actually spoken with. A social network could allow employees to better express themselves and reveal details about their personal life that can make them more approachable to co-workers who haven’t had the opportunity to work with them, yet.

Lastly, enabling your entire company to have a social media presence is absolutely essential. It is something that your customers expect and quite frankly – deserve. Social media not only allows a huge communications portal for your employees, but also your customers and clients. It helps demonstrate value, reinforce branding and supplies an opportunity for you to interact with your target audience.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool and can be that when implemented within and outside your office by someone with knowledge. Traditionally, these services can cost a fortune – something not all businesses have to spend. At just $99 a month, 99Social can save you 35 hours a month and supply you with social media management that is tailored to your business’s every need. Plus, there are no contracts to worry about. Social media can be your business’s most valuable tool, and we can show you how.