Instagram Business Ideas

Instagram Bio Ideas for Business

August 16, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

Instagram, for businesses, can seem like the un-crackable nut among social networks. Facebook and Twitter cater to the advertisers, the users who are actually spending money, but Instagram is more of a wild card. It’s a place where the millennial go to look at their friends’ pictures, maybe leave a funny comment or two, and not much else. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and as a business, you can find massive success by playing to these exceptions.

For starters, you need to be fun. It is not enough to just put your brand message out there. On Instagram, it is of the utmost importance that you stand out for the right reasons. This is where a high-quality bio can make your life a lot easier. You want something cool, but not something that tries to be cool; something funny, but not something absurd; something smart, but not something inscrutable to the general public. In short, you want to fit in while you are standing out.

Sound tough? It’s a lot easier than it seems. Check out the biggest Instagram accounts – the ones that are not being run by businesses – and take a page out of their book. What do they say about themselves? How do they talk? Whom do they seem to address? Then, take it from there.