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Social Media in 2016

April 19, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

More so than at any other time in the brief history of the Internet, the social media landscape can best be described with one word: fractured. It’s all over the place. Though Facebook is undoubtedly on top, there is no one platform that is eclipsing all of the others, and a well-rounded social media strategy in 2016 will exist across multiple platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram: they all have their own unique audiences and come with their own unique benefits attached. You have to get yourself out there, but you have to do so intelligently.

Snapchat, for instance, skews very much to a young audience. It’s filled with twentysomethings, people who are into the latest trends, people who have grown up surrounded by technology. Twitter has a more general audience, with a wider range of interests and ages. Pinterest users tend to be female more than they are male. Understanding these demographics is crucial to understanding yourself on social media, because in order to say the right things, you need to first know who you are talking to.

Social media in 2016 is different, but it is far from inscrutable. Take your time, know what you’re dealing with, and in time, you can have it working for you.