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Is your Social Media Strategy Tanking? Here is 3 Reasons Why

April 4, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

Social media can seem daunting at first. You look at it, and you don’t see any patterns. Everything blends together. There are a million little variables at play. How do you keep track of every single one? There is good news: you don’t have to. Rather than worrying about of every small detail, you can make sure to avoid these three common big mistakes.

  1. You don’t target your content. You throw posts out there, but none of them are particularly relevant. Maybe a handful of people are interested in this topic. Maybe another handful are interested in that topic. You fail to pull in everyone.
  2. You are going too text-heavy. Of course people like words, but people like pictures and videos too. You don’t mix it up. Your social media account is far from a multimedia haven: it’s more like an online newsletter.
  3. You don’t spellcheck. This is the easiest mistake to avoid, but few brands take the time to do so. You are sending out posts with typos, grammar errors, and misspellings. Your account looks like it may be run by a careless teenager, someone who doesn’t want to succeed, someone who isn’t pouring their heart into this.

If you’re guilty of any of these sins, again, there is good news. Make a change now. Commit to doing the right things and then follow through.