Tips on Social Media for Small Businesses

October 5, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

Trying to build your brand on social media but not gaining much traction? We’ve compiled a list of tips that will be sure to get you noticed and make you more effective in your time spent on social media.

Compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing is cheap and provides you a direct avenue to a huge pool of customers – both current and prospective. If not managed correctly, though it can broadcast a poor image and in the end, let you down – do it right and the results will be incredible.

  1. Start small

Don’t try and create a business profile on every social media platform known to man. Keeping up with them will be impossible and its just not needed. Start off with one or two social media platforms that are relevant to your target demographic and make sure that your profile is complete. Neglected social media avenues give off a poor impression of your business.


  1. Schedule your content

There are a number of content scheduling websites that you can enable (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.) that will help you post your content in advance – this is a fantastic way to get ahead and save time. Plus, people like consistency – it shows that your business is reliable and active in the social media community. These sites also allow you to cross-post meaning your post will go to both Facebook and Twitter with a single click.


  1. Respond to comments

Being interactive goes a long way with your customers. Having a social media platform acts as another avenue for a customer to contact you, whether it be for additional information about your product or service or reporting on their latest experience. Check your page often and be proactive when customer concerns or reviews are posted. People like to know that their voice is heard.


  1. Everyone loves promotions

Everyone loves free stuff. Try offering a giveaway or promotional code that is exclusive to your social media audience. This drives traffic to you, which gives you a chance to convert that traffic into sales. Good ideas for entering the giveaway could be ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ the giveaway post. This will dramatically increase your reach.


  1. Don’t always try to reach absolutely everyone

With social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where hashtags are heavily utilized, niche target markets can easily be reached. Don’t always use the same hashtags that you include in every post that use incredibly vague general keywords. Try including posts that are tagged for something more specific. You will have an easier time getting noticed, and if you have a more unique post, your customer will feel more connected to your brand. Geo-tagging your posts can help you reach customers that live in a certain region that you are trying to expand in.


  1. If you can’t do it well, hire a professional

Maintain a strong, professional social media presence is a full-time job by itself. If you don’t have the time and resources to manage this in-house, hire on a social media management team. They will handle your social media from start to finish – from account set up to daily posting of custom created content to interacting with your customers. Some companies will charge you upwards of $500 a month for these services – but, we’ve uncovered a gem – 99Social. For just $99 a month, 99Social will create a custom social media strategy and put it to use. With end of the month progress reports, you’ll be able to see your outreach and your sales grow.