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Using Pinterest for Business: Secrets from Top Bloggers

March 16, 2016 Posted by admin - No Comments

Regardless of your field, if you are not using Pinterest already, you are missing out on a major opportunity for brand growth. Although Pinterest’s audience is eclipsed by social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the numbers that this site puts up cannot be reasonably ignored. On top of that, it could be argued that Pinterest users are particularly dedicated to the topics that are being discussed on the site, given the interests-based format and approach. In order to take full advantage of this platform, you want to go in with a well-thought-out, results-oriented strategy.

You want to tailor your content to the people who are pinning your posts. These are the people who for one reason or another are seeing your content, and as such, they are the people who are most likely to continue to appreciate what it is that you have to say. If you make a post that outperforms the majority of the rest of your posts, use it as a model for your posts going forward.

That is the main strategy to follow on Pinterest, but you do not want to stop there. With an eye toward feeding traffic between your blog and your Pinterest reciprocally, place your Pinterest buttons somewhere on the page that your readers will spot them, and make them sufficiently large that clicking on them never becomes an issue.

There are solid traffic boosts to be had with an intelligent plan-of-attack on Pinterest, and following these steps will serve as a good start. Don’t be parochial: expand your purview and recognize that there are more than two social media networks out there.