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What is a Hashtag? And What Do You Do With Hashtags?

November 2, 2015 Posted by admin - No Comments

For those of us that lived before the invention of smartphones, you may remember a hashtag (or pound sign) from the days of phone receivers. Fast forward a few years and the hashtag is a powerful tool implemented on all social media platforms. Have you ever seen a post that had words listed with a hashtag before them? Ex. “I love #dogs.” Why do people do this? What is the purpose? We’ll let you in on this social phenomenon.

By placing a hashtag in front of any word you post on social media platforms, you are instantly cataloging this post in a searchable index. Any user that searches for the word that you marked with a hashtag will be able to pull up any post that includes that keyword. What does that mean for your business? By utilizing hashtags, you can skyrocket your post’s reach to more users that your page may be directly connected to.

You can cater your posts and hashtags to connect directly to your target audience. However, it is easy to attempt to overdo this and instead improperly communicate the key points of your brand or product. Hashtag terms that set you apart from your competition – the pillars of your business. Don’t bother hashtagging your actual business’s name. You are trying to reach users that may not necessarily be searching for your exact company, but instead the services or features you offer. Don’t over do it – your post should never include more hashtags than text. This is considered spamming and users will skip over your post instead of actually inspecting the content that you are sharing. Be wise in your hashtag usage and don’t tag your post with hashtags that aren’t directly relevant.

Hashtags can be overwhelming to those who aren’t familiar with their usage, but involving this technique in your marketing can help you reach an audience that may be incredibly receptive to your business or product. If you are unsure of who your target audience may be and which platform they are most active on – bring on a professional. You won’t have to break the back doing so and by using a service that offers monthly status reports, like 99social, you will be able to monitor your business’s growth through their service. Don’t be left behind in the dust, get ahead of the competition!